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We are on a journey to make the world a more loving place.

Hi! I’m Kash Desai, Founder of the Happy Club, and I’m so glad to welcome you. So much of our attention in this world is unconsciously placed on negativity, fear, and hate – it’s everywhere; in the media, the news, the office, and social media – and it’s taking its toll – the damaging effects this is having on us and everyone around us.

Our aim is simple – let’s make love go viral. Instead of feeding the fear, The Happy Club is YOUR space to enjoy and share positive stories, inspiration, and examples of love, kindness, and positivity in the world. It is a place where we can support and love each other, because the more love we give into the world, the more love we will receive. The Happy Club is also your place to get access to a wide range of mind and body development tools and courses that will further enable your journey to self love and, in the process, make the world a more loving place to be.

It's time to spread love, not fear.

I’ve been on a journey which helped me realise the true meaning of love, happiness, and joy. The answer? It lies within, in loving and accepting our self, and instead of seeking it from outside, bringing love into the world and sharing it with others.

On my journey, I came to realise that we have the power to achieve anything, that we are limitless. This understanding taught me that if I am infinite, then anything is possible, including my dream of a beautiful, loving world.

I recognised that everyone in the world could benefit from this understanding – that freedom lies in loving and accepting themselves just the way they are, and in loving and accepting everyone else just the way they are. That if we all traded our expectations for love and appreciation, then the world would be a beautiful, loving place.

With a deep appreciation for the limitless power of being love and living life in this way, I embraced this journey to share all that I had discovered, and in doing so, making this world a more loving place to be, so that kids and adults like me have a safe and loving environment to grow, and to learn, and to be the best version of themselves that they long to be. The Happy Club is the result of this dream coming to fruition, and I’m so glad you’re here to join our loving global community.

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