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Join the powerful ‘Be Love’ journey by Kash Desai to unravel yourself and transform your life. Break free of unconscious living through a series of unique practices and meditations over 22 days. 

Through these practices, you will make a shift in your energy, cultivate the experiences you desire, and bring those experiences into form using the science of thoughts, beliefs and affirmations.
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Why Choose The Be Love Journey?

Following his own experiences and journey to self-love, Kash Desai designed the Be Love Journey specifically to help others with self-exploration and self-transformation. 

Reclaim your life and start to manifest the reality and experiences you desire. By letting go of unconscious living, by becoming aware and connecting with your loving energy within, you will discover that the happiness and joy you’ve always sought has been within you.

Through the series of practices over the 22 days, we will explore topics such as energy, how the mind and ego works, the power of thoughts, beliefs, conscious creating, and self-love. Alongside exploring these topics, we will also repeatedly be connecting with our loving energy within, practicing how to set clear intentions and how to raise your energy frequency to match your desires in order to manifest the reality and experiences you seek.

What you will achieve with the Be Love Journey:

What are people saying about the Be Love Journey?

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It was a fantastic journey and I will come back to your reminders and meditations for centering and calming. I have allowed myself to say yes to what is good for me and makes me feel happy. Before I just said no to whats not good for me and did not focus on the good. There is a shift happening and things speeding up. I can‘t wait to get the app so I can listen to your comforting voice whenever I want. Back on track! Feel happy and content. A lot if energy was running from my feet upwards. It felt as if an old scar from an operation was softened. Your meditations and teachings are still like an anchor in this transforming time. Had a wonderful afternoon with my mum and dad (which is a really rare thing and hasn‘t happened for the last decade, really). Feeling happy and calm and centred. You are doing a great job with all the meditations! I can only imagine how much effort and love is flowing into this project. Thank you!
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This programme is different to anything I have done before. Listening every day for 22 days at different times of the day means that you really connect with Kash and you feel that he is with you on this journey. It also allows all of the information and concepts to sink in rather than just listening once to something and then forgetting. The programme covers so many concepts and challenges what you know and believe about yourself and what is possible. I found it made a real difference to me and my state of mind. The things I have learnt about myself have stayed with me and I am continuing to work through my limiting self beliefs and practice self-love which is so important to live a fulfilling and loving life. Thank you Kash for creating this beautiful and impactful programme.
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The timing has been perfect Kash. I like the repetition as otherwise it’s so easy to forget to keep practicing what you’ve learned. The amazing thing today is that I woke up with the mantra of the meditation in my mind, before I even listened to the first audio, with thoughts of feeling grateful for what I have and excited for the day ahead. I think your instructions are very clear and I’m liking the meditations It has really got me mentally into a good place before starting my new job. It’s been transformational. I’m definitely thinking and feeling differently... much more positive and less anxious. I’m feeling the love!! 🤗
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Listening to the morning meditation makes me feel grateful for everything I have and look forward. The twist in my life story is because of your support & love. I love my story and thank you for making me realise that. 😀🙏🏻
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I do thoroughly agree with your sentiment. I think you’re creating something quite unique and lovely, and I’m very sure you will have plenty of followers, I for one will for sure.
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