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"You will not be disappointed."​

This programme is different to anything I have done before. Listening every day for 22 days at different times of the day means that you really connect with Kash and you feel that he is with you on this journey. 

It also allows all of the information and concepts to sink in rather than just listening once to something and then forgetting. The programme covers so many concepts and challenges what you know and believe about yourself and what is possible. I found it made a real difference to me and my state of mind. The things I have learnt about myself have stayed with me and I am continuing to work through my limiting self beliefs and practice self-love which is so important to live a fulfilling and loving life. Thank you Kash for creating this beautiful and impactful programme.


"It has really got me mentally into a good place."

The timing has been perfect Kash.  I like the repetition as otherwise it’s so easy to forget to keep practicing what you’ve learned. The amazing thing today is that I woke up with the mantra of the meditation in my mind, before I even listened to the first audio, with thoughts of feeling grateful for what I have and excited for the day ahead. I think your instructions are very clear and I’m liking the meditations It has really got me mentally into a good place before starting my new job. . I’m feeling the love!! 


"You can really feel the love."

I absolutely love the programme Kash has put together.  He has a fantastic way of making complex things super simple and has a talent of painting a picture that talks directly to your subsconsious allowing you to enter the journey of self-love smoothly and easily. 

So often we get caught up in the stresses of the day and the checking in a few times a day really helps this programme to retain your focus on building your self-love. His warm and melodious meditations take you to a place of calm and are inspirational.  This is the new ‘must have’ app!! You can really feel the love and when you reinject the love into yourself and the way you see life – everything changes!  


What is be love?

Be Love is our flagship programme where you will learn how to live your life to the fullest through a series of meditations and audios over 22 days. We will explore topics such as how the mind and ego works, the power of thoughts and beliefs and how to be more present in your life. 

The Be Love journey will also allow you to:  

  • Increase self-love and self-compassion  
  • Reduce negative thinking 
  • Improve your love life & relationships  
  • Reduce stress & anxiety  
  • Improve sleep quality 

Who Is It For?

Be Love is for anyone who wants to positively and permanently change their lives to experience greater joy, acceptance and connection with themselves and others. If you struggle with self-doubt and lack confidence, or are finding yourself drifting along passively in life, this is the course for you.

What Do I Get Access To?

The course is made up of four short audios and meditations that are designed to be listened to throughout the day. It is led by life coach Kash Desai who has a unique way of explaining deep issues in a simple yet beautiful way using analogies and stories to inspire and empower. Listen to his own self-love journey here.

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Be Love is our flagship programme where you will learn how to live your life to the fullest through a series of meditations and audios over 22 days.

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