Is Tech Making Self Improvement Better or Worse?

Welcome to the 20th century where everything is made easier. We would all agree that living in this era is more comfortable than earlier times. People can get almost everything in an instant—instant meals, instant shopping, instant access to data, and for some, instant fame. Massive progress and development were made in health care, infrastructure, transportation, and communication. It’s undeniable that technology made a huge impact on our daily lives. While it gives us convenience most of the time, there are also negative effects of technology on our life that we don’t get to notice until it gets the better of us.

As an individual, do you feel that technology has contributed to your self-development, or has it changed you in a negative way? Many would claim that technology is good because of the inventions that make tasks easier and mobile phones make communication easier. Some would argue that technology made people lazy and SMS and chats have replaced the real communication that we used to know. The truth is, technology has affected us in more ways than one. Whether it has affected our self-growth or not is subjective. The answer lies in how you embrace technology and how you shift your focus and attention to the by-products of technology and how much time and effort you put into it.

To know whether technology has been an instrument to your self-improvement or not, answer these questions with all honesty and be your own judge.

1) Are social media platforms giving you a negative perspective about the world we live in?

Social media platforms are great avenues to unleash your creative side either by sharing a photo, artwork, inspirational stories, or thoughts that are running on your mind. But if you constantly feel the need to be validated on social media to make yourself feel good, then social media is poisoning your mind and ruining your life. And if the online world is flooded with fake news, then how would you be able to have a positive view of the real world? 

With The Happy Club app, we will give you The Happy Place, a social media platform that gives you access to inspirational stories and random acts of kindness to instill nothing but positivity. With the launch of the app, expect love to go viral!

2) With modern technology, do you feel that you need to compete with anyone around you?

We are living a fast pace life and if we don’t compete with the crowd, we will be left out. Unhealthy competitions can be seen in schools where students would want to outshine everyone and in the workplace where people would do anything to get on top. It’s alright to strive hard but you also need to take it slow at times and give yourself a break.

With The Happy Club app, you will have guided meditations to unite your mind and body and connect to your inner self. This creates balance and relieves stress and anxiety.

3) Are you having problems maintaining relationships?

Did you get the chance to plan a romantic getaway with your partner for your upcoming anniversary or you totally forgot because of all the business meetings lined up for this month? Do you happen to help your kids with their homework or did not even bother because you’d rather work extra hours to meet your endless deadlines? We are all busy making a living that we forget our duties outside work. You are a businessman but you are also a father. You are a hardworking corporate slave but how come your kids feel that they are neglected by their mom? 

Let The Happy Club app be a tool to make stronger relationships, not just with those around you but your relationship with yourself too! Experience a 22-day journey with The Happy Club app where unique practices will be shared to discover yourself more and create better relationships.

4) Can you confidently say that you are happy and content with your life? 

Now that you have a successful career and can buy anything in a snap, do you feel real happiness? When you go to sleep at night, do you feel at peace? Or do you feel that something is missing?

The Happy Club app was created to transform lives. Get to know simple activities that would make a huge impact that affects how one thinks and acts. This calm both the body and the mind to give a new perspective about life.

5) Are you giving yourself enough space to grow?

People would be crazy to get their hands on the most expensive gadget in the land. They would be willing to get a loan just to get the latest car model. Teenagers would do whatever it takes just to be fashionable. But when was the last time you upgrade your skills? Yes! You are as valuable as the things around you and you deserve to grow too! Continuous self-development is vital to make you into a better person and increase your self-confidence. The feeling that you have when you show off the expensive gadget that you bought is synonymous with the confidence you will have when you improve yourself. Attend self-improvement seminars or get the best self-help workbooks to better yourself. 

With The Happy Club app, you get connected to high qualified life coaches without having to search online and wait for an appointment. Let your life coaches bring out the best version of yourself by pushing you beyond your limits. Get the best support and motivation to reach for your fullest potential and make positive changes in your life. Boost your self-confidence and see the beneficial effects in your work and personal life.

Unlike most social media apps, The Happy Club won’t make you feel that you need to log in every day to get validation. This app is directed to help bring out the best in you and not to manipulate users. 

Going back to the question, is technology making you a better person or making you worse? It all depends on how you use it so be wise and determine the boundaries of technology. Choose only those that would give you positivity, peace, happiness, and love.

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Kash Desai

Kash Desai

I’m Kash Desai and we’re on a journey to make a paradigm shift and create a more loving world. Come and let’s spread love together.



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