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“Only one life that soon shall past, only what’s done with love, will last.”

– Brian Tracy

I love this quote from one of the books I read by Brian Tracy.

Going back in time to when I was a child, I remember always being curious about what’s out there, wondering why things are the way they are; I found everything fascinating. I would test everything, pushing the buttons to see what’s beyond it all. What’s beyond the sky? Why does it have to be so dark in the night? Why can’t there be sunshine all the time? I would dream about a world where I could have everything, be everything, where I could have unlimited love, as many toys as I could play with, ride a bicycle in the woods, fly on a jet plane, play in the rain, be free to do whatever I felt like doing. I would wake up from this dream into a life which always left me wondering why it is so different when I open my eyes. I found myself hiding in a dark room, lying on my bed, drifting away into my world, dreaming about things again. I found my inner world was way more joyful, loving, and peaceful than the outer world, which seemed unloving, cruel, and scary.

I remember thinking how it would be if I went into a slumber and never woke up, how I could just be in this inner world forever where everything exists, where I can be me, where there is no fear of being bullied and beaten or told-off for being curious. There is sunshine all day, and no concept of time, where I can be anywhere, have anything, be anything, do anything I wanted! But beyond all that, I could express love and be loved, and I could embrace everyone and be embraced—a beautiful, loving world.

I went through a lot of pain as a child, and at my lowest point, I tried to take my own life on a few occasions. I luckily failed in these attempts, but I didn’t feel lucky.

While other kids I knew went on to study at university, I worked 18-hour days in a factory. Machines were my friends, and I couldn’t see how I could make my life better.

Twenty years on

Twenty years on, I continued being the same child – seeking love, looking to be embraced, hoping, and expecting the world to be a beautiful, loving place. A little boy in India, trying to find his place in this material world, had gained more wealth and material possessions than he ever could have imagined but was utterly broken from the inside. The love and attention I sought through superficial and material avenues, in an attempt to find acceptance from everyone, couldn’t fill the void I was feeling inside. The pain I started to feel as a child had become unbearable, and this triggered my journey to discover who I really was and what I wanted.

On my journey, I realised that the answers lay within me. At that moment, I realised that I had the power to achieve anything – I am limitless. I realised that if I am infinite, anything is possible, and then so is my dream – a beautiful, loving world is possible! I understood that everything I was expecting to receive from the world outside me was always there within me, and if I felt love inside, and accepted me just the way I am, then everyone else will love and take me just the way I am and I would love and accept them too.

This discovery and my experience of it helped me recognize that everyone in the world could benefit from this understanding – that if they can love and accept themselves just the way they are, then they can love and accept everyone else just the way they are. If everyone traded their expectations for love and appreciation, then the world would be a beautiful, loving place. If hate manifests hate and fear manifests more fear, then love for the self within can manifest love for everyone else outside.

The Happy Club

So, with a deep appreciation for the limitless power of being love and living life in this way, I embraced this journey to share all that I have discovered, and in doing so, making this world a more loving place to be so that kids and adults like me will have a safe and loving environment to grow, and to learn, and to be the best version of themselves that they long to be.

The Happy Club is a result of that dream coming to fruition. Everything is possible. I am possible! After all, “Only one life that soon shall past, only what’s done with love, will last.”

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