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Meditation is a method of becoming aware, a way of uniting mind and body and connecting with our inner self. In the modern world, we do a lot of doing, not much being. We spend most of our day-to-day living out in the world, reacting to the five senses and the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.

Living every day in this way throws us off balance. It disconnects us from our true self and means we live in a constant state of anxiety or stress, without even realising it. Symptoms of having poor mental and emotional balance are things like worry, stress, anxiety, frustration, and being irritable. If you find that you lack the patience to deal with life’s challenges and the freedom of emotional control, rather like a balloon blown about in the wind, then chances are that meditation could do you the world of good.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is just what the doctor ordered for our busy, hectic life – a chance to take a step back, to draw our awareness in and become aware of the loving, peaceful energy that is within all of us and establishing this as our new baseline. From this baseline, from this beautiful energy at our core, we can then interact with the world in a much calmer, more positive, and emotionally healthy way.

Meditation has numerous benefits for the mind and body, including:

Meet Your Meditation Guides

Our in-app meditation guides are; Kash Desai, Founder of The Happy Club and qualified Life Coach; Rose Mitchell, trained Yoga teacher; and David Johnson, retreat leader and meditation guide. They have come together to bring you the meditations they have found to be most impactful, useful, and easy to do. In the app we have meditations for relaxation, meditations for sleep, meditations for stress, meditations for kids, meditations for pain, meditations for depression, meditations to boost your mood, and more!

Try a FREE guided meditation now!

This meditation is called ‘Become Aware.’

It is a beautiful practice in which we turn our attention away from discursive thought and into the present, bringing our awareness to our breathing, to our body, and to the subtle energies in and around the body, especially around our heart. In doing so we deeply relax our mind and body and become aware of our loving energy – the infinite source of love within us. It is deeply relaxing and uplifting, and as we become familiar with this practice, we’ll start to notice a massive shift in our life. 

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