The Happy Club Podcast with Kash Desai

Much like an espresso, these podcasts are short yet powerful. To inspire, spread love and kindness. Let’s celebrate freedom from fear and create a beautiful loving world. Tune in, switch on, and join our loving global community.

How to Feel Good

The Happy Club Podcast – Episode 13 How to Feel Good In this episode, I wanted to talk about our power to choose how we feel. In life, so many things can go wrong and a lot of the time it is impossible to control the world around us. Despite this, the one thing we

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The Power Of Thought

The Happy Club Podcast – Episode 12 The Power of Thought In this episode, I wanted to talk about the power of thoughts, and how thoughts create things. Life is not a race to the finish line, it’s about having the right thoughts and the right energy so that we create the life we desire.

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Dream On

The Happy Club Podcast – Episode 11 Dream on In this episode, I wanted to share my perspective on dreams. Dreams are like a preview to what experiences we are about to have, sometimes metaphorically, and sometimes literally. I was always told to stop daydreaming and to get on with life – but can dreams

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How to Overcome Your Fears

In this episode, I wanted to share my thoughts on fear. We learnt our fears as we grew up, and just as we learnt how to fear, we can learn how to be fearless. We can make fear work for us, instead of working against us.

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Be the Hero of Your Story

In this episode, I wanted to share my thoughts on being the hero of our story. Life can throw many challenges at us, but if we remember that we have the power and the inner strength to deal with them, then we can face them head-on, and instead of being a victim, we can be a hero. So, who will you choose to be today?

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Loving Relationships

In this episode, I wanted to talk about relationships. Relationships are like seeds, and just like seeds require fertile ground, water, and nutrients, relationships need love and appreciation to grow. In this way, they will become strong and healthy. 🌱❤️

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Struggle to make decisions?

Do you struggle to make decisions? In this episode, I wanted to share with you my process for making decisions, which helps me see the bigger picture, and analyse things from the perspective of my desires and intentions for life, rather than my short-term emotional needs.

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A Still Mind

In this episode, we explore the power of a still mind. Trying to reflect on our self and our life when our mind is unsettled will lead to a perception that is not true. But, with a still mind, we will be able to see a true reflection.

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Let’s Spread Love

In this episode, I wanted to share with you an interesting experience I had recently while out in London. It got me thinking and asking the question: How much time in a day do we spend experiencing love or sharing it? How many times do we say ‘I love you’ to someone? Just like we say ‘I love that car’ or ‘I love this food,’ or ‘I love this place.’ How many times do we say this to a person? I say let’s make time for love, for self and others, to experience a joyful, happy, and fulfilled life!

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What Do You Want?

During my breakthrough sessions, I often ask people, “what do you want?” The most common answer I get back is “I don’t know!” In this episode, I wanted to explore this question some more and ask: has what we’ve wanted actually been with us all along?

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