The Happy Club Podcast with Kash Desai

Much like an espresso, these podcasts are short yet powerful. To inspire, spread love and kindness. Let’s celebrate freedom from fear and create a beautiful loving world. Tune in, switch on, and join our loving global community.

What Do You Want?

During my breakthrough sessions, I often ask people, “what do you want?” The most common answer I get back is “I don’t know!” In this episode, I wanted to explore this question some more and ask: has what we’ve wanted actually been with us all along?

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In this episode, I wanted to share a little story which shows a different perspective on life and awareness. Energy flows where awareness goes, and if we have a choice in every moment, can we shift our energy from the past to the infinite possibilities that life has to offer?

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Who Am I?

In this episode, I wanted to share a different perspective on a question most of us ask at some point in our life – “Who am I?”

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What is True Love?

In this episode of The Happy Club Podcast, I wanted to share my thoughts on love: what is love, and the difference between egoic love and true love.

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